Tuesday, May 25, 2010

4A State Tennis

JJ: 2nd place at 3rd singles at state

David & Mckay: 3rd place at 2nd doubles at state

This year's tennis season was awesome. We are so proud of the boys' accomplishments. In the whole state, JJ took second place in his 3rd singles. And David, who never even picks up a racket until tennis season begins, took 3rd place in state in the 2nd doubles spot. WoWWWW! What would happen if David actually applied himself?!!! haha.
Well, school is about out, it's going to be nice to have the change. The twins are seniors next year. We're grandparents. We have a missionary out. wow, our family is changing every month that goes by.


Diana Barlow Blaser said...

Good job, JJ & David! You guys are awesome. I can't wait to show these pictures to Jacob & Jimmy. They idolize you, dontcha know.

Vonnie said...

Congrats to your awesome boys. They look like pros. Your life sounds great! I'm so happy for you!